Flower Basket



Paverpol flower basket – a perfect gift for your creative mum to make, or you can make it for her as an extra special homemade mother’s day gift!

With Paverpol you can make many things. Beautiful sculptures, decorate gardens, canvasses or make a personal basket for your colourful bloom.

We have put together a Paverpol monthly package for you.

The package contains: Printed Instructions, 500 grams of Paverpol transparent, Relief Decoration, Stockinette and flower decoration combined in a gift box especially for Mother’s Day.

You also need some additional materials: bird sand, freezer bag, lace or other natural decoration.

Note: This kit uses transparent Paverpol, so basket is the colour of the fabric provided. If you want a coloured basket, please order an extra colour from our selections here 

Order now!
The Paverpol products together normally cost $60. You can now order the package only for only $48. That is a 20% discount! Order before Mother’s Day to receive FREE SHIPPING as well!


To purchase the digital instructions separately as an email download, click here.